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If you bless an animal, does that suggest it has a spirit, and if it has a soul, does that suggest you shouldn't consume it? Dina Litovsky, a professional photographer that has long had a conflicted partnership with meat, brought these questions to the Sanctuary of St. John the Divine on the Upper West Side last weekend for the 34th yearly blessing of the animals, an event indicated to invoke consistency in between individuals and nature.

Owners got here with camels and also cows, with vipers as well as rats and also all type of home pets. One man brought the frozen body of a dog that had died during the year. A turtle travelled the aisle on a cart due to the fact that it would certainly have taken too long to allow it stroll. Viewers or congregants brought cameras and also cellular phones. Pets brought their ideal habits. Ms. Litovsky, that is not religious-- and that calls herself an "occasiotarian," indicating that she eats meat occasionally-- concentrated her video camera on the pets as eyeglasses, treating their proprietors and also the clerics as support figures.

" I tried to prevent taking cute animal photos," she claimed. "I desire it to be unsettling, where the pets are the main topic, and afterwards the people are handling them and also taking a look at them with so much care that each animal ends up being a phenomenon within itself. It interested see how each animal was taken care of with such care and also love. There were spiders as well as rats being cradled like priceless items."

The Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel, dean of the basilica-- likewise proprietor of a Maine coon pet cat called Max-- had some solutions. Yes, animals as well as all living points carry some element of God's image. As well as no, this did not preclude consuming them. Such is the means of the world since the Fall.

On the maine coon size question of whether animals go to heaven, Bishop Daniel pled off, stating it was "above my pay quality," but that he sure wished they do. "Do I think I'll satisfy my pets in paradise?" he asked. "Definitely they've made sacrifices as well as provided us terrific pleasures. I can not imagine that their sacrifice goes unnoticed by God."

The ceremony, he said, was suggested to advise individuals of their stewardship over God's production, and also exactly how they've cared or not taken care of it. Lately, the progress report was not good, he included.

At least this year he did not have to stand next to the camel, which sneezed on him last year. "I needed to obtain my cassock cleaned up," he stated.


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