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The massage slippers Awards: The Best, Worst, and

Didn't expect it to fit so nicely on my feet ! Some ppl may complain them as heavy. But I think it is very sturdily made n more or less takes wear n tear abit better than others. Oh. And I don't get that itchy bottom feet feel from wearing them for 6+ hours. The arch support is quite thick n just sufficient if u do want to wear them all day on LIGHT DUTY walking n running chores. If u are in work mode or going indoor outdoor where the foot trek terrain gets very uneven(aka assorted surfaces like beaches, concrete, grass lawn etc.) , I think it best to wear something more protective. Still. Great buy !!!I was wearing my husband's so often for yard work that I decided to buy some that actually fit me. I love them! They are made of durable material. My feet are sensitive to physical annoyances [think Princess and the Pea sensitive], so I can never wear your typical flip-flop. These are made of a solid, single piece of flexible material, and the toe-thong does not, in any way, rub in between my toes the wrong way! I'm so happy! The fit is as expected.I LIVE in flip flops and my husband is always begging me to at least buy supportive ones. These are great! Super sturdy (I had to wrestle them away from the dog who thought it was a chew toy and there was barely a bite mark!), and surprisingly comfy. These will last me a long time and the bottoms don't turn my feet black like a lot of cheap flip flops tend to do. I'm happy with them for sure.I keep buying Okabashi flip flops because they are comfortable and durable. The only reason I bought new ones today is because my dog ate one from my previous pair, not because they wore out. I love that this model is constructed as one continuous piece of material, so there's no chance of the thong coming loose. I wear them all day, every day. sandals