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What the Heck Is auto dust brush?

I have purchased other car dusters before at several local auto parts stores, but discarded them all due to shedding and overall poor quality. This Ultimate Car Duster is wonderful. I have used both the large and the small in my car and I am completely satisfied. There has been absolutely no shedding and the microfiber holds the dust nicely. The handles are not flimsy and I expect these dusters to last a long time. I am considering buying another one because it is good enough to use to remove dust from the inside of my baby grand piano. Very good quality product, recommend it without reservation.I have detailed cars for forty years on an amateur basis. I helped a friend show his Porsche Speedster and if there weren't 200 used Q-Tips on the ground when we were done, he got upset. Twenty years ago, he turned me on to a duster that they don't seem to make anymore, (black, with black handle and case and smelled like root beer). I tried this one this weekend on my wife's new black Mercedes and it works just as well if not better. It seems to produce less friction which is a good thing. So far, an excellent product.The Duster arrived fast and works great - came in handy in this season of pollen! The vile yellow dust comes right off my car with ease. I especially like getting the smaller duster included. It is a wonderful tool for cleaning the dust off my dark walnut stair case. If you have dark floors you know what a pain they can be - showing every speck of dust. The small duster is perfect for the steps, cleaning around the spindles, and I am assuming many more small scale dusting jobs to come.I have a full size pickup truck with black interior...clears dust in just a few seconds. long enough to clean passenger seat and back seat without walking around the other side and opening the passenger door. Works great with no issues. Even cleaned the dust of my black tonneau cover. (I wouldn't use it to clean dirt, unless you repurpose it for wet use. But it did great job with the dust in about a minute.) I bought two small ones for my other vehicles.

I'd been googling anti-static microfiber dust cloths when the Ultimate Car Duster popped up. The handle on my red duster had just broken off so I read the reviews. When using i the red duster it got 'some' of the dust off, but I always had to finish with microfiber dust cloths. The only way I could then remove all of the static-lint was to wipe it to an edge. I believe the Ultimate Car Duster willUltimate Dash Duster - The Best Microfiber Multipurpose Duster - Car and Home Interior Use - Professional Detailing Tool - Lint Free - Unbreakable Comfort Handle resolve these problems. Definitely well made.After trying numerous dusters the problems I had with them was red lint and some kind of weird streaking. I ordered this one and finally someone got it right. With pollen season so bad in NJ and having a black car its impossible to keep it looking nice but this duster changed all that. Its a great quality product and the particles stick the the duster really well and its gentle and extremely soft enough so that no pressure is needed to remove the pollen, this prevents paint scratching. Thank you for a great product!I've been in the transportation business for several years. I drive a black car, which I don't have to say how hard it is to Keep clean. I tried the California duster, but it was ineffective. But the ultimate car duster is head and shoulders above the California duster and other similar products. It actually works! It gets the dust up easily, keeping my washed once a week black car shining. If you're thinking about it, don't think. Buy one today! One of the best investments I ever madeGreat car duster. Much bigger than I thought it would be. The head of this thing is thick with fibers, and about 6 inches in diameter. The handle extends but is very sturdy and doesn't wobble when fully extended. I live in Mexico where the car gets a fine coat of dust on it every time I leave the house. One pass with this duster and the dust is gone. I can even dust the top of my SUV without climbing up on a ladder. I am very happy with his purchase. duster