Why Hamster Needs Hamster Wheel

of hamster wheels

Hamsters are nocturnals, they will most likely use the wheel at night. What if the wheel you use is noisy? You’ll probably be disturbed as your hamster is running. This gives you an idea what feature when you look for a wheel for your hamster, that is a wheel that is less noisy.

If you already have a hamster wheel, then it was not as silent as it used to, have you ever wondered about what you can do about this? Here are some things you can do to resolve the matter.

Non-toxic lubricant

You can use non-toxic lubricant for the noisy hamster wheel. Detach and strip the wheel and remove the axle from the wheel. Use a cotton pad dapped with some lubricant to wipe the axle. Put the axle and the wheel together and the hamster wheel will be noise free.

Soak the axle

If using cotton pad doesn work, you can soak the axle in lubricant like vegetable oil for an hour. Then, take out the axle and wipe clean with a kitchen towel before putting back with everything. Keep in mind that you can’t put the plastic part into the oil so it doesn’t get onto your hamster.

Move the cage somewhere else

You can always move the hamster cage anywhere else at night when you silent spinner wheel 8 inch are trying to sleep. Though it is not a solution to make the wheels noiseless, but at leas the sound will be outside of the room you’re sleeping.

As for what might be the cause of the noisy hamster wheel, there are 2 main factors. First, the rusting of axle. You can use vinegar to rinse hamster’s toys to remove odour, but, vinegar will oxidise the metal and cause it to rust. And it will be hard once it rusts. If you’re going to use vinegar, then make sure that you remove the axle from the wheel before rinsing. Once you’re going to put the axle back, make sure that the wheel is dry.

The other factor is because of long usage. When wheels has been used for a long time, the axle might get worn out. It is because of the friction. To prevent, you can lubricate the wheel frequently with the lubricants mentioned above.

If your hamster wheel is beyond saving, then you should get a new one, right? We recommend you to get the one from Love Hamster Wheel. It has all the features you need and is made of plastic. It is a silent spinner, meaning that it doesn’t put out a lot of noise when being used by the hamster. The detachable disc wall design allows easy assembly, while the circular edge set make it more secure, more rugged, and effectively prevent biting.

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